Dugmor! Dugmor! is the porn auditions studio manager as well as being our talent scout. From time to time you may see Dugmor! performing his one of many duties as stunt cock. Dedication is the key to the success of a project of this nature and Dugmor! is the man that gives his all for the job! Dugmor! has been involved in the Adult industry for years doing everything from gaffer to best grip. He is well known and connected to many large names in the adult video industry. Dugmor!'s website will be online one of these days soon where you will be able to follow the trials and tribulations of the man himself.
Mistress Natalie Rose

Natalie is our girl wonder! She is responsible for the day to day operation of our Porn Audition studios, and scheduling of interviews, auditions and events. Her main role is just to make sure everything runs smoothly. She is also the Den Mother to the girls, helping them with problems and making sure they are comfortable and relaxed. Natalie has years of experience in the adult arena, knows the industry and is a great asset to the company.

Carol Cox

Carol Cox, our fearless leader, and a leader in the Amateur side of the Internet, IS the Wild Rose™ in Wild Rose™ Productions. Carol brings her 6 years of Internet experience to the forefront, both in front and behind the camera. Carol's roles within Porn Audition are many fold. She helps coach some of the girls in their first auditions, making them feel relaxed and part of the team. She tries to bring out the best in everyone who auditions. She also gets behind the camera and assists in the photography and videography. Finally, her most important role is....well someone has to audition the men! That's right, Carol also personally auditions the lucky men who we call out for an audition. Tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Good Chris

Good Chris, our dedicated ideas guy and cameraman is a key player in the Porn Auditions project. He is busier than hell trying to stay on top of things as they get thrown at him on a regular basis. Good Chris really doesn't do any performing as such with the auditionees but hell who knows...maybe on of these days we'll break him down and get him in there!

Johnny Pearl

Johnny Pearl, one of the webs first male amateur stars, (and probably the most well known) is the official porn auditions stunt cock. What is a stunt cock you ask? Stunt cock is a very important and tasking role. The stunt cock must be able to get it up on command and be able to blow his wad with sheer precision. Johnny is definitely a seasoned pro when it comes to stunt cocking.

The Tech Guys The Tech Guys are our resident trolls. We never see them (they seem to hate sunlight and social interaction) but we know they are there....somewhere! They magically keep the site up and make sure everything is running smoothly. We sometimes hear them in the walls but we've learned to ignore that. We do feed them occasionally, but we found it best to keep them just a little bit hungry. A latte every few hours seems to suffice!


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